The Future of Digital

The future of Digital currency; A Multichain new generation open source P2P currency, the new kind of money; King of payment tokens. nBTC(New kind of Bitcoin)

Shaping the Future of Currency

With nBTC, sending money becomes a seamless global affair. Operating 24/7, 365 days a year, nBTC enables you to transfer funds to anyone, anywhere in the world. You're in control, without the need for third-party approval or permission.

Exploring DeFi Applications and NFTs

Developers will soon harness the potential of nBTC VM and the native protocol to build innovative Dapps, ushering in a new era of decentralized finance and unique digital assets.

Benefits for Merchantsjust a simple underline

Low Fees, Ultra Efficiency

The network fee for a typical nBTC transaction is nominal, often less than a penny. Converting nBTC into fiat currency incurs costs significantly lower than credit card processing.

No Chargebacks, Guaranteed Security

nBTC transactions provide inherent fraud protection. Unlike credit cards, there are no surprise voids, refunds, or chargebacks, ensuring a seamless experience for merchants.

Attract New Customers

A growing number of patrons prefer nBTC as a payment method. Merchants who offer this option tend to draw in more customers actively seeking out businesses that accept nBTC.

Free Marketing and Press Coverage

By accepting nBTC, merchants gain exposure through free listings in directories, expanding their customer base. Additionally, embracing this trend can generate positive press and publicity for their business.